Updated Date 2022, Oct 19

By Rashmi Goel

When it comes to keeping cool during summer, you can easily get rid of layers of clothing, but staying warm during winter is an entirely different matter. While you can wear several layers of clothing, as soon as you start to boil, you will have to take them off and carry them around the rest of the day.

When temperatures really drop, you need a top-performing winter coat or jacket that will serve as a single layer either over a sweatshirt or fleece jacket, or over a simple t-shirt when the cold has you down just for a weekend walk. Even so, practically every clothing brand under the sun has its own interpretation of what constitutes the best winter coat or jacket, but not always.

Therefore, we have put ourselves in your winter boots to determine which coats and jackets are the best ones to invest in. In order to combat harsh winter conditions, different brands will use different fabric technologies. The following are some of the more technical terms you should know when looking for a winter jacket or coat.

Check Out These Features In Men's Winter Coats & Men's Winter Jackets


As one of the world's most popular waterproof, breathable fabrics, Gore-Tex has been around since 1969. The Gore-Tex fabric, and with it the jackets that function with it, are capable of repelling water - such as rain - and allows sweat to pass through its membrane, making the jacket durable and breathable.


Insulation material made of synthetic non-woven materials known as Coreloft. Instead of crimping fibers together, polyester fibers are crimped together to trap air, making the material highly efficient at retaining warmth. Because it is naturally hydrophobic, it works equally well in wet as well as dry conditions. Arc'teryx primarily uses Coreloft in its products.

Down vs Synthetic Insulation

Winter jackets and coats are often described by the insulation they contain: down or synthetic. Choosing the insulation type for your jacket depends on its intended use. In fact, down is made from the feathers of geese and ducks, except where the manufacturer specifically specifies it is made from feathers. The natural properties of down make it ideal for jackets in extremely cold weather climates as well as being naturally breathable, meaning sweat is easily wicked away from your body.

Despite its lightweight nature, it is also easily packable, so if you ever get too warm to wear it, you can stuff it into a bag. Water makes down insulation less effective. A few jackets will accommodate this by including a highly effective waterproof outer layer, but if the down layer is outside, you'll have to hope you don't get caught in the rain.

The term synthetic insulation refers to man made insulation. While it has the same properties as down insulation, it is designed to function well even when wet. By interlacing polyester fibers in various sizes, it holds heat in several air pockets.

Synthetic insulation is a great alternative to down, but it's heavier, so down-like jackets and coats will still be heavier than synthetic ones. In the event of rain, synthetic insulation will dry much faster than down.

Durable Water Repellent

Various fabrics are made water-resistant with a coating that is applied to them before they are rolled off the production line. A DWR treatment is not uncommon on materials such as Gore-Tex to help minimise the amount of water that needs to be repelled. There is a possibility that DWR treatments become less effective over time, but re-treatment can be done whenever necessary.

Down Fill Power

An indication of down fill power is a number ranging from 300 to 900, which indicates how lofty the down insulation is. As the number increases, the warmer the down jacket will be. This is due to the greater volume of air that can be trapped by the down.

Hard Shell vs Soft Shell

A hard shell jacket will protect you from rain and wind. Although the fabric that goes into their construction may differ, they all share a similar goal. Nonetheless, you should take into consideration the layers you put under your hard shell, since if you sweat a lot, it may be more difficult for the outer layer to wick away sweat if you're wearing a thick fleece. Similarly, if you're outside in a cold and wet rain, and don't have any layers underneath, the hard shell jacket will transfer the cold to your body. When this is taken care of, you can wear a hard shell jacket throughout the year, not just in the winter.

Soft shell jackets, however, are not fully waterproof, but they can be water-resistant and extremely breathable. In addition, they tend to be warmer than their hard shell counterparts and offer a greater range of movement, making them better suited for climbing.

If you need a new winter coat or winter jacket to keep warm in the upcoming cold weather, here are the best winter coats and best winter jackets for men. They are all high-quality and stylish.

Hugo Boss



The name Hugo Boss conjures images of tailored suits and polo shirts. Founded in 1924, HUGO BOSS offers formal and casual clothing for men. Men need to look their best all year round, which is why the brand's outerwear collection is distinctly on-brand. Hugo Boss' men's outerwear range includes many trench coat styles, perfect for the city worker. But dig a little deeper and you'll find trendy jackets such as lightweight down-filled ones too; so you can find both men's winter coats and men's winter jackets at Hugo Boss.

A modern take on the puffer jacket. With a regular fit for easy layering, this water-repellent jacket is made from 100% recycled polyester and filled with sustainably sourced duck down and feathers for lightweight insulation. A detachable hood offers versatility, while a BOSS bicep badge adds signature style. The top is fastened with a zip. It has pockets with zips. There are zip pockets inside. It has ribbed cuffs. It is fully lined. Short in length. Polyester (recycled) , Polyamid lining, Duck down filling, 100% Polyester backlining, Knitwear 95% Cotton, 4% Polyamid, 1% Elastane.


Isthmus Parka Jacket


The brand that everyone should own if they care about the planet they live on is Patagonia. A large part of the company's catalog of apparel and accessories is made of recycled materials. But don't let that fact deceive you into thinking Patagonia products will deteriorate at the sight of a raincloud; they won't. The company's technical and outerwear products are made to the highest standards and consistently regarded as some of the finest available.

Isthmus Parka is the route to take. Aside from its 60s-inspired silhouette and high-pile fleece lining, it also has a recycled nylon outer shell with DWR treatment, making it wind and water-repellent. Adding seven pockets to that makes for a serious multi-tasking winter jacket for men. Feature 100% post consumer recycled nylon faille made from recycled fishing nets; body and hood lined with 100% recycled polyester 14"-pile fleece; sleeves lined with 100% recycled polyester taffeta and insulated with 100% recycled polyester (90% recycled) Thermogreen®. Featuring a hood with hidden adjustment cords that can be cinched down for extra warmth, high-pile recycled fleece lining. The two-way zipper front features an external storm flap with a hidden snap closure to keep the warmth in. The internal chest pocket stores valuables. Pockets on the chest and lower top-loading compartments have flaps and hidden snaps for security; handwarmer pockets on the sides keep fingers warm.


The Boxy Puffer Jacket


RAINS is a Danish rainwear and outwear brand that was created specifically to protect wearers from rain. But, coming from Scandinavia, it was impossible to ignore style equally as much as function. RAINS is a contemporary lifestyle brand that caters to all. It is minimalist and somewhat unique.

The Boxy Puffer Jacket is perfect for when it's stormy outside. It's waterproof to 4000mm of rain, windproof, and completely breathable. Thanks to DuPont's Sorona insulation, it'll also keep you warm. Its weather-proof credentials are bolstered by an insulated collar and fleece-lined pockets. In addition to rubber trimmings and a placket-hidden zipper, the outerwear item is coated in Rains signature waterproof PU. The shell is composed of 57% polyester. The polyurethane portion is 43%. It has a nylon lining. Stand-up collar with insulation. Rubberized trim. Side pockets lined with fleece.


Bosco Jacket


Bogner is a luxury ski brand with its feet firmly planted on the city streets, a long way from the snow-capped mountains. Bogner has been in business for over 85 years and is often credited with introducing genuinely fashionable clothing to sports. Until recently, Bogner was the official supplier for the German Winter Olympics Team since 1936. Even though it is the brand to be seen on the slopes, that doesn't mean that it is not wearable on a daily basis. Down jackets are all the rage right now, so the Bosco is one you won't want to miss.

Bosco a figure-hugging fit and a ski-inspired gives style and substance. With a goose down insulation that keeps you warm, and a water-repellent outer layer that keeps rain at bay. There will also be protection for your neck with a stand-up collar, and there is plenty of storage capacity with five pockets strategically placed around the outer layer. The fit is regular. This is a lightweight ripstop jacket. It has a stand-up collar. A bordered hem and cuffs. It will be closed with a two-way zipper. This jacket has two front zippered pockets. Two side pockets are zippered. The jacket has one upper arm zippered pocket. The zippers are adorned with a shiny black logo pendant. High-quality smooth lining in contrasting colors. Water-repellent finish. Made from 100% polyamide. Finished with 100% polyacrylic and 100% polyacrylic. Lining is 100% polyamide. Filled with 90% goose down, 10% goose feathers.


Ashby Wax Jacket


A British outerwear brand originating from the North East of England, Barbour is a British brand. The company has kept its headquarters in the same area of South Shields, where it still manufactures its jackets by hand. Despite offering a wide range of clothing beyond outerwear, Barbour is best known for its waxed cotton jackets. Their name has become synonymous with British countryside culture and waxed jackets as a whole, with the Barbour name becoming practically interchangeable with the jacket's material.

The Ashby collection is one of Barbour's most iconic collections, as it blends all the subtle features that make Barbour so distinctive. The interior is lined with tartan check (which changes color depending on the shade of the jacket you choose), the collar is corduroy and there is a two-way zip closure with a storm flap. There is no denying that the most prominent feature of this garment is the 6oz waxed Sylkoil fabric. If treated properly, this fabric will repel water for years to come.


The Iridescent Bomber Jacket


Giuseppe Marenzi founded the Italian company Herno in 1948. Named for the Erno Valley, the site of the company's first mill, Giuseppe combined his previous experience from working at a raincoat company and time spent in the military to develop a more effective waterproof fabric. The Erno Valley provided enough wind and rain for Marenzi to test his products. Since then, Herno has expanded into a fully-fledged fashion brand offering collections that go beyond outerwear.

Featuring some of the company's most recent fabric and material technologies, the Iridescent Bomber comes from the company's very latest fall/winter collection. The jacket is made from twenty-denier nylon, which is tough enough to avoid being ripped, and has feather down insulation to keep you warm on cold and windy days. In torrential downpours, the Bomber is probably not the best choice, but if you're looking for a jacket that protects from the cold in transition, you're not going to find one made better than anything from Herno.


Arctic Parka With DF


Woolrich has been manufacturing outdoor clothing in the United States for over 200 years, making it the oldest outdoor clothing manufacturer in the country. It was founded to make fabrics for the wives of hunters, loggers, and trappers, and to outfit soldiers during the American Civil War. Wolfrich created the Buffalo Check pattern, which became associated with rugged workwear and even influenced parka jackets.

The Arctic Parka DF had to make our list of the best winter coats for men. This unassuming parka is made of water-repellent Ramar fabric that is coated with Teflon to block wind, rain, and snow. It comes with a down filling that provides extra warmth, as well as the usual parka features, such as a multitude of pockets and a removable fur trim. It is fully lined for comfort. Zips and buttons fasten the jacket. The logo is Buffalo Check.


The Mid-length Kensington Heritage Trench Coat


Burberry, the British high-end fashion brand, is without a doubt one of the most sought-after labels. The company's tartan checks are regularly seen on slick city workers around the world, who value its high quality and attention to detail. Many Burberry trench coats can be seen wandering the streets because Burberry is the brand responsible for launching it.

Thomas Burberry created the gabardine fabric that is used to create traditional trench coats back in 1879. The trench coat might not exist today without him. The Kensington Heritage trench coat is an updated design that retains its age-old design while using modern body proportions. In addition to the gabardine fabric, which repels water once again, all the other trench coat criteria are present and correct. The coat may not have quite the same warmth as some other coats on this list, but for excellent wet-weather protection, there is nothing like it.


Convey Tour HS Hooded Jacket


The Swiss brand Mammut specializes in mountaineering and trekking. The company began producing ropes for ascents of the highest mountains in 1862. The company didn't introduce its clothing line until 1981, but since then it has grown into a go-to for exquisite coats and jackets that you can rely on to keep you warm and dry. Mammut caters to those who relish embracing the great outdoors, but also offers a range for those who prefer to venture around city streets as opposed to scaling mountains.

Mammut's Convey Tour jacket is an excellent example of a jacket that can be worn both in urban environments and on long hikes. Gore-Tex Paclite fabric technology makes it windproof, waterproof and breathable, keeping you cool and dry inside. Ergonomic elbows keep you comfortable. A zipper allows for maximum ventilation under the arms. Reinforced peak on the hood. Cuffs with hook and loop fasteners. Adjustable hood with 3 points of adjustment. Exceptionally lightweight, highly compressible GORE-TEX® 2.5-layer material designed for ultimate weather protection. Water-resistant YKK front zipper. Two water-resistant YKK side pockets. Compatible with MAMMUT Easy Combine.




Japanese retailer UNIQLO is a great place to shop for an affordable yet incredibly functional winter jacket. Clothing from the clothier is consistently appealing and offers both style and substance.

For example, this Ultra Light Down Jacket guarantees at least 90% down plumage filling, yet is lightweight enough to pack away in its own bag when not in use. UNIQLO has also provided it with a water-repellent coating to help keep light showers at bay. And best of all, the range of colours is endless. A pocket-sized design that can be carried around easily. A special inner lining prevents static electricity. The collar stands up firmly and looks neat. It features three-dimensional gussets beneath the armpit for easy arm movement. The finish is stylish and matte. Made of nylon. Wash cold by hand.

Canada Goose

Kent Jacket


As the name implies, Canada Goose also aims to keep you warm when it gets cold outside. In order to cement itself as a must-have brand, it heavily relies on product placement and sponsorship, but fortunately it's coats and jackets are stylish and functional at the same time. Since the jackets are so expensive, some schools have banned them due to the high cost, which has left poorer students feeling disadvantaged. The company has nevertheless become "the Swiss watch brand of apparel" and the "Land Rover of outerwear", according to CEO Dani Reiss.

It's easy to gravitate towards Canada Goose's full-featured parkas, but they are designed to endure conditions you'd only find near the Arctic Circle. Winter jackets like the Kent would make more sense for everyday use. It features a slim-fit silhouette with a minimal outer layer that ensures you look your best during the daily commute.

Kent is made of the company's Tri-Durance SS fabric, a 3-layer design that keeps you dry, warm, and windproof. The mesh vent panels in the back allow airflow, so you don't become a hot, sweaty mess.




In North Vancouver, British Columbia, Arc'teryx was founded in the snowy climate. The winter months in British Columbia are characterized by snow and rain, so Arc'teryx knows how to design products that will last. A prime example is Fission SV Insulated Jacket, which is the company's warmest, fully waterproof jacket in its Essentials collection.

Nevertheless, if you still need more incentive, it is made out of Gore-Tex, which keeps out rain and snow, while still being breathable to keep your body ventilated. The insulation of Coreloft will keep you warm, while the DropHood and collar will caress your neck like a scarf. Arc'teryx caters for all budgets too, with its insulated.


Edward Down Coat


Mackage is another brand whose roots are in Canada and has earned itself the reputation of one of the most prestigious names in all things winter protection (and is said to be a favorite of Meghan Markle). The luxury brand was founded in 1999 with the intention of integrating fashion and function into its design philosophy.

This coat certainly succeeded on that front, using materials such as leather, down, and wool, all of which were tailored into good-looking, protective fits.

Edward down coats are designed to withstand the coldest of conditions. In that respect, it ticks all the boxes: windproof, water-repellent, and breathable. A combination of duck down and feathers hug your body, so it will feel as if you are wearing a duvet with sleeves. Additional details such as storm cuffs and a removable hood, complete with a storm visor, make it your one-stop defense against Mother Nature.

Flint & Tinder

Wool-lined Waxed Trucker Jacket


Developed by Huckberry, an outerwear retailer specializing in outerwear, Flint & Tinder is a new brand. There are a lot of brands at the online retailer, but it only stocks brands that pass its strict criteria for offering top-notch pieces that are made sustainably. In keeping with that mindset, Flint & Tinder is designed to make "simple yet significant hard-wearing American style staples".

With its waxed outer layer, the Wool-lined Waxed Trucker jacket is a great way to protect yourself from wind and rain in winter. Shelter cloth shell made from waxed Martexin 8.25 oz material. Its wool lining, however, made of recycled Japanese wool blanket cloth, provides serious comfort and warmth inside. Moreover, the waxed layer will naturally lighten in colour with movement, creating a unique appearance. The sleeves are fully lined, which allows you to wear one over a t-shirt and reap the benefits of the warmth. Wax is applied to both sides of the sailcloth for warmth and insulation. There is a button-flap chest pocket. There are two welt hand pockets. Features authentic type 1 trucker jacket details. Authentic F and T buttons with the signature bullseye on the back. Hook and loop closure.


Drive Jacket


The Aether brand caters to the guy who works 9-5 in the city during the week, but likes to explore the world on the weekends. That was exactly how Palmer West and Jonah Smith approached the brand. The pair founded Aether in 2009, fitting the clique. With headquarters in Los Angeles, but physical stores in New York City and Aspen, Aether is knowledgeable about the varied weather conditions found in North America. There is no better way to illustrate that than with the Drive Jacket. Thanks to Primaloft Golf insulation and the water-resistant woven shell, you will be kept warm and dry thanks to a combination of a shell and a sweater. When you put the hood up, a cotton and cashmere lining surrounds your head and inside the sleeves you'll find the same material.

This is one of the best men's winter jackets for urban explorers as it is sleek and sophisticated in its styling as well. Made of 100% polyester. Sweater is 90% cotton, 10% cashmere. The front and rear body and hood are made of woven fabric that is water-resistant. Cotton and cashmere blend for the sleeves and hood lining. Primaloft® Gold insulation at the front and back of the body hood. Aether wordmark logo on the zipper guard. Zippers with Aether logos on the chest pocket and hand pockets. Inset sleeves with tuck stitching. Sleeve cuffs and inset hem are knitted. Detailed with self-fabric piping along the back yoke and hand pocket openings. Body lining has box-quilting. Zippered interior patch pockets. There is an AETHER-wordmark embroidered on the wearer's right back shoulder.

Mission Workshop



Founded in San Francisco, Mission Workshop screams city adventure. Surfing the website, you'll notice a very consistent design language, with blacks and grays prevalent throughout. Every piece of apparel and every accessory is, however, designed to be extremely technical. Mission Workshop has both men's winter coats and men's winter jackets that are well worth considering as we approach winter. Whether you're looking for a waterproof jacket, something fleece-lined for warmth, or a combination of the two, Mission Workshop has it all.

Introducing Mission Workshop's Styrman Ultralight Jacket, a trench coat that is designed to outperform any of its competitors. With its seam-taped design, it ensures no water can get in, yet it's lightweight enough to be packed away in a bag when the rain clouds dissipate. It will block serious downpours rather than just a light drizzle, and if it is cold outside and you cannot feel your face, you can wear it over a fleece or sweater to keep you protected. Stretchy comfort. Three-point adjustable hood. Weatherproof YKK zippers. Personalized Riri snaps. Zipped handwarmer pockets on both sides. Media port on the chest pocket. An internal pocket with a media port. Ticket pocket inside. Seams that are fully taped.

River Island



At River Island puts great design at the center of everything they do. It is one of the most recognizable UK brands on the High Street and is known for producing stylish, affordable fashion. Aside from exquisite footwear and accessories, River Island caters to men, women, and children.

Featuring iconic puffer jackets and classic camel coats, River Island has both men's winter coats and men's winter jackets. River Island has a wide range of winter coat styles that will keep you warm and stylish no matter how cold it gets, no matter how casual or dressy you want them to be. Fur trimmed. Puffer. Removable hood. Zippered and popper fastening. Zippered pockets.made from Nylon %.




David Reiss founded Reiss in 1971 with the aim of creating design-led clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. Taking an uncompromising approach to delivering innovative and original products, Reiss combines design, quality, and value. There is a wide range of men's winter coats available at Reiss, from hard-wearing parkas to casual bomber jackets. A Reiss winter coat will give you an effortlessly elegant look while keeping you toasty and warm.

Presented in navy, the Frost jacket imparts a classic puffer jacket look with a refined touch, illustrated by the white faux-fur collar. Insulation is provided by lightweight padding without sacrificing movement and comfort. Wear it over a roll-neck jumper for layering comfort. A faux fur collar completes the look. Zipper closure at front. A ribbed trim completes the look. Two slip pockets at the sides.


Puffer Jacket


Among the greatest surfers of all time, Kelly Slater developed a clothing brand that was devoted to style and sustainability. As a result, Outerknown has quickly become one of the go-to brands for guys looking for surf-inspired clothing made of tough and durable fabrics that are also more environmentally friendly than their competitors. The heavyweight fit of Outerknown's puffer jacket makes it comfortable to wear over a sweatshirt. This powerful men's winter jacket is made from recycled materials and filled with 100% down, making it lightweight and remarkably warm. On the chest is a pocket for storing it when not in use.

The best insulation for outdoor adventures is down, which is light, layerable, and intensely warm. Recycled polyester ripstop makes up the shell, and down certified by the Responsible Down Standard insulates the insulation. The hem is closed with a drawstring. A jacket like this is perfect for any occasion.A jacket like this is perfect for any occasion. It packs up into its own chest pocket. The process of recycling polyester involves taking waste raw materials, like plastic bottles, and making them into premium polyester fibers. Responsible Down Standards protect the welfare of geese and ducks that provide down and feathers for products.


The ReNew Long Parka


It is always a good idea to shop at Everlane if you want well-made, well-priced, and well-styled essentials. This direct-to-consumer retailer uses recycled materials in the production of its clothing and displays its transparent pricing structure so you know where your money is going and how much (or little) profit it is making.

The ReNew Long Parka features oversized cargo pockets, fleece-lined hand warmer pockets, and a roomy hood. Moreover, it's made entirely* of 100% recycled technical fabric and filled with 100% recycled high-performance PrimaLoft insulation. A storm hood is included. Handwarmer pockets are fleece-lined. Two-way zipper by YKK. Toggle-and-drawstring hood. Snap closure on interior chest pocket. Featuring a fluorine-free water-resistant treatment and bluesign-approved shell fabric.