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Lily James Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Train like Cinderella

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Recently the much-awaited Disney miniseries Pam & Tommy came. And Lily James' body is looking amazing in it. Lily James' impressive transformation into Pamela Anderson is what is so attractive. She spent some serious hours in the hair and makeup. Otherwise, also Lily is known for her fitness. So, let's take a look at the fitness regime of Lily James:

Cardio sessions

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There was a mixture of cardio including running and boxing. She felt really athletic while doing all this because this was something which she hadn't done for a long time and there was great confidence that came from that. But in the end, she says that it was worth it and it was rewarding.

Consistent workouts

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There were consistent workouts. In the fitness regime, there was a training for five times a week: running circuits, weights, working out in the gym and on the track lose weight lifting also. So, there does workouts consistently.

Staying motivated

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She says that staying motivated is not that easy. It can be tough, but there are some tips and tricks by which you can stay motivated. So the best way probably is to work out in the morning to get it out of the way. Her ultimate top tip is to drag herself even if you have to roll yourself out of your bed. You need to show a great attitude.

Diet: High protein meals

She had a clear diet plan that she followed which involved eating between five and six meals a day that was really high in protein, so that meant a lot of protein shakes, fish, and chicken. She was really strict with herself and she knew if she cheated herself with chocolate and wine then it won’t work. So she had to give everything but she loved it. She couldn’t drink, eat chocolate, and have sweets or desserts. But she got well into it. It’s amazing to see how much better she felt and how much change she saw in her body.

What is Lily James' body confidence like?

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Loving herself from the inside out when it comes to feeling confident with your body. She says that loving yourself is something that is very important and it's much more important than any workout or diet plan. You have to feel comfortable in your skin. She says you have to embrace your body. When people feel good, they look good.

Circuit-based workouts

Increasing strength was there and there was conditioning required. So, there were circuit-based workouts: kettlebell, goblet squads, dumbbells. These all constituted the circuit-based workouts exercises, alternating between the upper and lower body and it gets your cardiovascular system working while also stimulating the muscles. She wanted to maklean muscle while dropping some weight.

At the beginning and at the end of the workout, there was some aerobic conditioning either on a versa climber or mini trampoline which also helped keep the workouts fun. And another way in which workouts were done was music. Music choice was equally as important as the exercises.

When it comes to food, her trainer advised her to buy organic foods if possible which contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. So he said that you need to try to avoid processed foods and drink lots of water. He also says it’s important to eat an adequate amount of protein and make sure at every meal, it has vegetables of relevant colors, and not only green.

Consistency is the key. Lily James’ fitness regime, exercise, and healthy eating are all about consistency. Motivation is the hardest thing about working out from home. So, the goal needs to be important enough to maintain that motivation

She starts the day with exercise and that is the key. When she regularly walks out, she immediately feels the benefits. It's kind of empowering and it turns into a domino effect naturally. She starts eating better and stop drinking so much wine. Then she feels more energized in the morning to do the workout again. She burns calories by walking and cycling wherever she can.

She does yoga and Pilates and during quarantine, she did dance. In the lockdown, she had a lot of fun by exercising. Otherwise, she would have lost interest. She switched up yoga and Pilates for daily dance classes. She learned this fun dance routine and couldn't stop doing it.

She makes sure to mix up her workout so that she can enjoy finding the fun. It is the main thing for her. She has to stay fit and she knows working out is good for her. But when it actually comes to feeling better rather than just something she's forcing herself to do: it's such a difference.

She eats everything in moderation and doesn’t let go her cavings. Toward the beginning of lockdown, she was cooking all of the time. She learned new recipes using fresh vegetables from the garden: citrus veggie, sweet potato chili, and stews. Over time, she started having days when she managed only enough energy to order and eat pizza three times a week. So, it’s okay to indulge sometimes. She doesn't deprive herself of stuff. If she wants to eat fast food or order fast food she lets herself eat what she wants to eat. Now she has been trying to strive or strike a balance, a constant balance between the two.

But when she’s training specifically for a big role she called she’ll cut down the good stuff.

Before her role in Fast Girls in which she played an athlete, James said her training and diet changed rigorously. It was very intense. She had about six weeks of training before the film even started. She trained five times a week: running circuits, working out in the gym, and under the track. It was an insane time. On top of the fitness and health, there was also a diet plan they had to follow which involves eating between five and six meals a day that was very high in protein so that meant a lot of protein shakes, fish, and chicken.

James showed off a stunning physique back in 2012 when she started as a professional sprinter in Fast Girls and she never looked back. She has been rocking the same incredible body since then in roles like Cinderella.

She was rarely able to eat anything at all and ended up essentially on a liquid diet.

She had to stop eating everything she loved. She couldn’t drink, eat chocolate, have sweets or desserts but she was becoming quite obsessed with it. It's amazing to see how much better she felt and to see the change in the body but most of all it's how quickly the change happens. It's exciting. She's obsessed with chocolate but then she had to leave it.

Diet tips

She likes to find a nutritional approach so that you can lose weight and gain sustainability indefinitely. It’s the only way you will lose weight and keep it . She said that you should include protein, a small number of healthy fats with plenty of salad or green veg with every meal. She is a strong believer in having a high protein intake so that includes a lot of poultry and fish in the diet as well as a limited amount of red meat.

Boxing is really helpful in burning calories, improving your cardiovascular fitness, and it’s like learning a skill that will improve your movement and coordination and it’s all fun.

Both James and her trainer Farmer talked about enjoying weights and building up towards a split of more weights and cardio. So they did three days of weight training and two days of cardio with some light cardio built into the weight training days as well.

A sample workout schedule from Lily James' workout

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On Monday, she does upper body weights and light cardio. On Tuesday, she does boxing, running, or varied cardio. On Wednesday, she does lower body weights and light cardio. On Thursday, boxing, run, varied cardio. On Friday, upper or lower body weights and light cardio. On Saturday, long-distance running, extra cardio, or rest, and Sunday is the rest day.

They were also mixed martial arts training

Some cardio day options were swimming, Pilates, spin class, yoga, hiking sports