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eatsleepwear newborn victual essentials the artipoppe victual carrier
eatsleepwear newborn victual essentials the dockatot
eatsleepwear newborn victual essentials the nuna mixx stroller
eatsleepwear newborn victual essentials the happiest victual snoo smart bassinet
eatsleepwear newborn victual essentials the solly victual wrap
eatsleepwear newborn victual essentials the lovevery play kit
eatsleepwear newborn victual essentials the hatch victual grow smart waffly pad
eatsleepwear newborn victual essentials the happiest victual snoo smart sleeper trundle and mason grey pajamas
eatsleepwear newborn victual essentials the lovevery play mat
eatsleepwear newborn victual essentials the solly victual wrap
eatsleepwear newborn victual essentials the ollie swaddle
eatsleepwear newborn victual essentials the artipoppe victual carrier
eatsleepwear newborn victual essentials the uppababy vista v2

I am 6 months late with this but largest late than never right? Between moving, living in a temporary space etc, I am very well-spoken on what victual items have been essential to our family during those first few months. Wanted to share my must-haves with you. Some are the same as Otis and there are a few new additions to the mix. I have used all of these items so much for these first few months.

Snoo bassinet: This was SUCH a lifesaver for us. It was unchangingly something in my upkeep that I planned for with Otis considering I was really wanting to try and use it. With Duke, we once had some tricks up our sleeves for how to get the most out of it. Like using the double swaddle technique and using the risers from their visitor to slightly hoist the throne part of the bassinet. Mostly, expressly while packing for the move, moving, and stuff in a new space, the snoo gave me peace of mind that Duke would unchangingly be unscratched when sleeping. We plane utilized the rental program when we moved to ensure we had that ready to go when I moved into our temporary living situation. I unchangingly get questions well-nigh if I think the snoo is worth it and I have the saem wordplay I did with Otis: 1 million percent worth it in my opinion!!! Our transition from snoo to crib moreover went very smoothly which I can speak to at a variegated time but wanted to share that he was not hooked on the movement.

Hatch Victual Grow Smart Waffly Pad: I used this waffly table with Otis as well. I love the diamond of it, it’s easy to wipe down, and it has a built in scale! You log into the app and can track the baby’s weight which I unchangingly love in those newborn days to make sure my little guy is growing.

Hatch Rest Plus Sound Machine: I can not live without these sound machines. They are loud which is essential. I use one in Duke’s room as well as one outside of his room in the hallway to drown out noise from the house. What is unconfined well-nigh these is that they are moreover nightlights and work via wifi in an app so it’s easy to retread them and save favorite settings. Another unconfined full-length is that they have reserve shower for when the power goes out (which is has here and its been a lifesaver!!) or you want to just move it virtually during the day, it can run without stuff plugged in. I use this in Otis’ room moreover with sound on and night light and it has a time to rise function as well. I literally love all of the Hatch products so much. Pricey but by far the weightier sound machine I have used.

Nanit pro victual monitor: I am obsessed with this victual monitor for a few reasons. It works on wifi and you wangle the app through your phone. The picture quality is amazing, we have sleep insights set up so it tells us when Duke went to sleep etc, gives the room temp, and moreover has special breathwear that helps to monitor baby’s breathing. Still use a nanit for Otis as well. I love that the phone app has preliminaries audio as well so plane if your app is closed, you can hear the monitor on.

Panasonic uneaten long range video victual monitor: Since our temporary living situation has bad wifi, we invested in a new non-wifi victual monitor to use as replacement for the nanit and for travel when needed. I picked this one considering it has a long range which is essential considering our old monitor couldn’t reach the range where we wanted to use it here. This one has held up well for us and the long range is great.

DockATot: I used this with Otis and it is such a unconfined item to set victual lanugo in a unscratched and cozy space when supervised. I unquestionably STILL use this with Duke at 6 months as a place to set his towel into surpassing his suffuse and then without his bath, I place him in his towel and wrap him up in his dockatot. We moreover used our dockatot for elevated tummy time when he wasn’t loving it as much it’s unconfined to prop their hands over the whet for tummy time. Supervised of course!

My brest friend nursing pillow: If I had to pick one nursing pillow this one would be it. I had it with Otis and it was recommend by the lactation consultants that I met with through my hospital without having Otis. I LOVE using it to have a stable surface to feed him and reduce strain on my own body. I am still using it with Duke now at 6 months.

butterr nursing pillow: I used this one alot at night when Duke was teenie tiny! It’s a newer trademark and I love how trappy it is. The wholesomeness to this one at night was just pulling it over instead of having to buckle like my brest friend pillow. It was moreover nice and cushioned so it felt really nice with a very fresh newborn. I haven’t used it in a while but once Duke starts sitting increasingly independently which should be soon, I will use it as a pillow to place overdue him for some widow stability.

Ollie swaddle: By far hands lanugo the only swaddle you need. These babies have been nonflexible to find in stock but luckily for me I had a tuft from when I had Otis. They are the only swaddle my kids don’t thorax out of. Period. What I moreover loved was using this swaddle surpassing putting Duke into his Snoo sack considering he would thorax out of the snoo sack so that is a GREAT hack for my snoo mamas.

Artipoppe carrier: This is a new one with Duke. It has been by far my favorite victual carrier overall. I used it from week 1 at home. The price tag is hefty but the value I have used it and in comparison to other carriers I have tried out, it is very worth the money in my opinion. The fabrics are so soft and it’s simple to wear and obviously the prints and patterns just make you finger happy. I would say the only negative well-nigh this one is that victual can not squatter out but I have used and still use this going on 6 months strong and can’t say unbearable good things well-nigh it. Moreover love that it’s a small merchantry from Holland and stuff Dutch, I just love that!

Solly victual carrier: I moreover used this with Otis and it has been a favorite with Duke in the early days also. Blake moreover really enjoyed wearing this one virtually the house considering it’s very comfy. Solly victual has a ton of unconfined videos online moreover sharing how to get the weightier fit and tie the wrap and I just love how cozy and snuggly it is in a simple lightweight fabric.

Travel sound machine: We used this one with Otis and it’s ESSENTIAL when on the go with baby. Whether it’s a stroller walk with the bassinet, or the car seat, for naps we unchangingly use white noise and this comes in handy.

Louloulollipop pacifier clip: We used a paci for the first few months and these clips are unconfined for reducing drops. Duke hasn’t used a paci since 3 months so now we use the clips for teethers or toys which works great.

lovevery play kits and mat: I used these with Otis and the toys are incredible considering not only are they so trappy and well made but they are thoughtful made with a baby’s minutiae in mind. Otis LOVED and continues to love their toddler toys so I wanted to make sure I had their toys on hand for Duke also. Their mat is incredible for tummy time.

Baby’s mash snifter warmer: This is something new I saw in an instagram ad that I bought surpassing we moved. Since we would occasionally requite Duke a formula bottle, I was worried well-nigh what to do when we were on the airplane if he needed a snifter since he was used to drinking warm formula considering of our formula maker. This little gadget works AMAZING and can heat a water snifter to the perfect temp in 5 minutes. Major game changer. Moreover since we didn’t have our formula maker with us during our temp living situation, I used this when we needed to make a bottle. Highly suggest if you are a mom on the go. It heats water AND breastmilk so works well for victual fed all kinds of ways.

Baby brezza formula pro maker: Basically think of this as the Nespresso of formula makers. You dump in your formula and push a sawed-off and it makes the perfect warm formula snifter by mixing the formula and water together for you. Since we cut our middle of the night feed really early we did a lot of middle of the night bottles and this machine came in handy for when your are sleep deprived and want to make a snifter fast on demand. I am telling you, worth every penny!!

Nuna pipa lite lx car seat: I saved my seat from Otis considering I checked the expiration stage and it’s still good! I am NOT a car seat expert so only sharing what we use. Remember, a car seat is only unconfined if its installed and used properly. I follow @safeintheseat who is a certified car seat specialist and she has incredible tips and a undertow to help with car seat conviction and installation. I love nuna products and this seat is VERY light so I have loved it with Otis and now enjoy it with Duke.

Nuna mixx next stroller: This is a new stroller for Duke and what I like is it’s smaller than a double stroller but still sizeable unbearable for filling up with things lanugo below. I am a sucker for all things nuna. If I had to pick a favorite stroller/seat maker it would be nuna considering of the function and design. I am missing my stroller dearly which is in storage.

Uppababy vista v2: I had to pick one stroller to bring with us for our travel at the airport and for temp living so I bought our double UppaBaby. This way I was worldly-wise to utilize the car seat as well as toddler seat and the ride withal workbench for Otis. Something I love well-nigh Uppababy is that if you get their travelsafe travel bags and register them, if your items get damaged during travel they will fix/replace them! So I made sure to get the tons since we were gate checking them at the airport when we moved. We have used it often since I love the kickboard you can add on so Otis can step on and take a ride without stuff strapped in a seat.

Sleep consultant: I wanted to share my sleep consultants info here so people had a place to reference it! I used Melissa Brown of SleepShopOC and I am telling you she is a sleep guru and the sweetest woman. I used a increasingly generic undertow last time virtually with Otis. Sleep is precious and one thing I wanted to create good habits again. With a toddler, and moving etc, we had alot of moving parts going on so having Melissa creating a custom sleep plan for me and stuff worldly-wise to text and reach out to her was incredible. Sleep consultants can come with a heavy price tag, but the kind of personal sustentation we received was well worth it IMO. Right now, Duke is happily in his crib at 6 months, sleeping like a freaking sweetie-pie and I have Melissa to thank for that.

Beis ultimate diaper bag: So I still LOVE my freshly picked diaper bags but with 2 kids and flying I kept getting targeted ads on instagram for beis diaper tons so I decided to get one and test it out. I LOVE the one I bought mostly considering it has a fold out flap for diaper changes which is epic for stuff on the go. Epic. Really love using it!

Frida mom upside lanugo peri bottle: So weird newborn essential but I LOVED this peri snifter during my wordage recovery. Fridababy and Fridamom stuff is amazing.

Nordstrom lingerie pajamas: Good pajamas are key for post partum recover. I had these surpassing and have them in the shirtdress also. What Iove is the buttons requite it easy wangle for breastfeeding.

Cake maternity nursing bra: This is my go to nursing bra considering I like the padding in it so I never have any leaky situations. It is all soft and cozy too so it doesn’t rationalization any puppet issues for me.

Legendairy milk Sunflower lecithin: I swear by this supplement to help prevent painful clogs in my breasts from breastfeeding. I remember this trick with Otis so I made sure to have a snifter on hand for without I delivered and take 2 pills a day. One in am and one in pm.

Mason Grey robe: A cozy robe was essential in the early days. Perfect to lounge in and breastfeed in and still finger cute. Wore these during my pregnancy. THey are so soft and have unconfined prints.

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