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Let's squatter facts – you’re not perfect.

Don’t worry, neither am I. Every man I know has flaws … it’s tabbed stuff human.

My question to you is this: do you know how to largest yourself?

high value man standing in office

Perfection is an untellable benchmark to reach – however, that doesn’t midpoint you can’t strive to unzip it in everything you do. After all, it’s largest to go the uneaten mile than to resign yourself to mediocrity.

In today’s article, we’ll be looking at 7 ways you can go that uneaten mile to be a high-value man in 2023.

Let’s get to it.


  1. Become A Man With Purpose
  2. Demonstrate Resilience
  3. Communicate Well
  4. Foster Healthy Relationships
  5. Gain Valuable Resources
  6. Be Consistent
  7. Command Presence

1. Wilt A Upper Value Man With Purpose

man holding compass in his hand

The first step in rhadamanthine a upper value man is knowing what you want from life.

It doesn’t matter whether you're a young guy starting his first job or the CEO of a multimillion-dollar company; every man should have a goal that he wants to unzip by this time next year.

Having a purpose is well-nigh having personal standards and a desire to modernize upon what you once have in your skillset constantly. A high-value man with a purpose understands his successes, works to modernize on his flaws, and at all times demonstrates good personal standards.

Become this man and you’ll have a far greater understanding of the journey superiority of you.

2. Demonstrate Resilience

man in a ship in storm showing resilience

A man needs to be strong for his family, his colleagues, and for himself.

I’m not talking well-nigh physical strength. Sure, benching 225 is pretty damn impressive, but it’s not necessarily going to help you when it comes to your success as a man.

I’m talking well-nigh emotional and social strength. An individual’s worthiness to alimony his chin up in the squatter of wronging and work through the nonflexible times rather than cower underneath them.

Knowing how to largest yourself in this way is a unconfined starting point for most men. It’s not well-nigh rhadamanthine superman overnight; it’s all well-nigh working towards a resilient frame of mind.

Maybe you want to support your wife through nonflexible times at work. Maybe you want to wilt the waddle at your denomination so that people turn to you when the fries are down.

Whatever your situation may be, the fact remains: a man should be worldly-wise to show strength when the occasion calls for it.

Hold your throne high, rise to help those virtually you and work through any problems with nobility and strength.

3. Communicate Well As A Upper Value Man

High value man communicates well with other people

‘Let’s eat Antonio!'

Now I know what you’re thinking – unstudied cannibalism isn’t exactly the mark of a high-value man.

Stick with me – this proves why towardly liaison is important. In this instance, what initially seems like a bizarre phrase can be hands clarified with a simple comma.

‘Let’s eat Antonio' becomes an invitation to a nice meal:

‘Let’s eat, Antonio!'

Now I know this is a bit of a fun example – but plenty of misunderstandings can occur through poor communication.

A real-life example that a lot of men struggle with is how to communicate through text. For instance, an email that you think sounds like friendly satiricalness might sound warlike and sarcastic to the recipient.

A high-value man can communicate appropriately, which ways reading the room and understanding what is and isn't towardly within his current environment.

A good set of rules to stick by:

  • Avoid satiricalness at the office – alimony it strictly business.
  • Always politely sieve your meaning if misunderstandings occur.
  • Speak unmistakably and use correct English whenever communicating with someone you don’t know all that well.

4. Foster Healthy Relationships

two well dressed men friendly talking in the middle of the street

There’s nothing increasingly dangerous to a man’s state of mind than a toxic relationship.

As human beings, we tend to be very impressionable when it comes to other people’s emotions.

In fact, psychologists Hess and Fischer’s study Emotional Mimicry: Why And When We Mimic Emotions suggests that:

‘The perception of a specific emotion exhibit leads to the imitation of that display.'

This can be a problem for any man striving to be the weightier version of himself.

You may be the cheeriest guy on your block, but if you surround yourself with negative people, chances are you’ll uncork to take on some of that negative emotion yourself.

The weightier way to stave this? Simple. Ensure that all of your relationships are healthy and emotionally beneficial.

Understanding how to largest yourself through shielding consideration of your relationships is the key to rhadamanthine a high-value man.

Actionable steps to help unzip this understanding could be:

  • Ensure that you alimony conversations as positive as possible.
  • Engage in relationships that make you finger happy.
  • Don’t be wrung to help uplift the emotions of others with your positive outlook.

5. Proceeds Valuable Resources

man writing in his journal

Earning a ton of money is one solution many men tideway when considering how to largest yourself in 2023.

However, money isn’t everything and on its own very rarely brings well-constructed happiness.

The Minimalists: Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus consider money to be part of happiness but not its defining feature:

High income or no, we must avoid passivity in favor of active, engaged, deliberate tasks. We must unclose our mistakes, make the right direction-changing decisions, and then take incremental deportment each day. – TheMinimalists.com

Gents, they’ve got a unconfined point.

When we consider how to proceeds valuable resources, we must consider our knowledge a priority for improving ourselves.

A man that unceasingly learns new things is a man that will unceasingly succeed in new ways.

Need to ace an up-and-coming interview? Do the research and learn well-nigh the company. Need a new tire fitted on your car? Research how to fit a new tire yourself and add to your ever-growing skillset.

As we say in the Marines – Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome.

6. Be Consistent

man with perfect soul as a result of consistency in training

Consistency is key.

What’s flipside word for consistency? Stability.

To truly present yourself as a high-value man – people need to know that they can rely on you.

Let me ask you this: would you finger unscratched driving a car where the breaks only worked 50% of the time?

Of undertow not! That’s a recipe for disaster.

Trust and dependency work in a very similar way. If you aim to proceeds the trust and dependency of those virtually you, they need to know you’re going to be there when they need you the most.

If you’re flaky and unreliable, the fact is you’re going to find it nonflexible to win the trust of those virtually you.

In short – make sure you fulfill the promises you make, stick to your decisions, and demonstrate reliability when it comes to making plans and pursuit through with them.

7. Writ Presence As A Upper Value Man

high value man commanding presence while other men standing overdue

Do you guys remember those Cow Boy Westerns where the main weft walks into a saloon, and everyone puts lanugo their drinks, stops talking, and looks in his direction?

That’s tabbed commanding presence, gents.

Am I saying that everyone should cower in fear upon your entry to your favorite bar? Of undertow not.

Am I saying that everyone virtually you should know you midpoint business? Absolutely.

Commanding respect can come in many forms – your personal style, the way you talk, and how you hold yourself in day-to-day life.

It’s all well-nigh confidence. Learn how to writ respect by dressing with confidence, speaking with conviction and moving with confidence.

At the end of the day, it takes a very open-minded man to consider his own downfalls and recognize where he needs to make improvements.

However, the fact that you’ve read this vendible all the way to the end shows that you’ve got the potential to do just that and wilt a high-value man.

It’s an sectional club, guys – but believe me when I say the weightier men are part of it.

Want to know increasingly well-nigh rhadamanthine the weightier man you can be? Check out my list of the 10 weightier daily habits for men.

FAQs: Upper Value Man Traits

What is a high-value man?

A high-value man is often characterized as someone who is confident, driven, and respectful. He has a strong sense of self, understands his worth, and treats others with kindness and respect. He is responsible, has well-spoken goals, and constantly works on personal and professional growth.

What are the key traits of a high-value man?

Some key traits of a high-value man include emotional intelligence, responsibility, ambition, honesty, integrity, confidence, self-respect, and respect for others.

How can I build conviction as a high-value man?

Confidence can be built through self-reflection, affirmations, achieving personal goals, overcoming challenges, and practicing self-care. Regular exercise, a well-turned diet, and good sleep habits can moreover uplift your confidence.

What kind of goals should a high-value man have?

A high-value man usually has clear, well-defined goals that reflect his values and ambitions. These could be in various areas of life - career, personal development, fitness, finance, and relationships.

Is financial success important to be a high-value man?

Financial stability can be part of stuff a high-value man as it showcases responsibility and ambition. However, it's not solely well-nigh wealth but how one manages their finances, plans for the future, and values nonflexible work.

How important is emotional intelligence in a high-value man?

Emotional intelligence is crucial. It allows a high-value man to understand and manage his emotions, empathize with others, handle stress effectively, and maintain healthier relationships.

How does a high-value man treat others?

A high-value man treats others with respect, kindness, and empathy, regardless of their background, status, or beliefs. He listens to others' opinions and is open-minded.

Does a high-value man need to be physically fit?

Physical fitness can contribute to overall well-being and confidence, which are part of stuff a high-value man. However, it's not solely well-nigh visitation but moreover well-nigh valuing health and vitality.

Is it important for a high-value man to have a successful career?

Career success can reflect yearing and drive, which are characteristics of a high-value man. However, success is subjective and can take various forms. What's increasingly important is finding fulfillment in what you do and constantly striving to improve.

How does a high-value man handle failure?

A high-value man sees failure as a learning opportunity. He isn't wrung of making mistakes, acknowledges them, learns from them, and uses them as stepping stones towards his goals.

Is stuff a high-value man well-nigh dominating others?

No, stuff a high-value man is not well-nigh dominance but well-nigh respect, kindness, and bilateral understanding. High-value men do not use their status or success to underestimate others.

Can I wilt a high-value man if I come from a unobtrusive background?

Absolutely. Stuff a high-value man is well-nigh character, values, and actions, not preliminaries or financial status. Your preliminaries can shape you, but it doesn't pinpoint your value.

Can a high-value man be single?

Yes, stuff a high-value man isn't dependent on your relationship status. It's well-nigh personal growth, self-worth, and how you treat others, regardless of whether you're single or in a relationship.

How does a high-value man handle conflicts?

A high-value man handles conflicts by staying calm, listening to the other person's perspective, expressing his feelings respectfully, seeking a compromise, and focusing on the problem at hand rather than attacking the person.

Is there a specific age to wilt a high-value man?

No, there is no specific age. Rhadamanthine a high-value man is a lifelong journey of personal growth and self-improvement.

Is a high-value man unchangingly popular and in the spotlight?

Not necessarily. A high-value man can be introverted or prefer to alimony a low profile. Stuff high-value is not well-nigh popularity, but well-nigh weft and principles.

Is it possible to wilt a high-value man if I've made mistakes in the past?

Absolutely. Everyone makes mistakes, and these can be valuable lessons. What's important is supporting these mistakes, learning from them, and striving to improve, which are key aspects of stuff a high-value man.

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