Updated Date 2022, Sep 24

So… this post is a little late. I vituperation the navigate country move madness!!! This party was our last hurrah surpassing we moved out of the house! So wild. We had a small get together with some of Otis’ good friends outside in our backyard. Of undertow Blake said, “DONT GO OVERBOARD” but you know… I unchangingly get a little carried away. Nothing wrong in spoiling our little ones. It was easy to combine 2 of Otis’ favorite things: Trash Trucks and Rainbows. I didn’t have much time on my hands with a newborn this year so I knew no matter what we planned it needed to be simple to execute. So instead of take on all the DIY I outsourced. MeriMeri unchangingly has unconfined party goods and mix and match well together. They had alot of primary rainbow paper goods and some killer rainbow unlearn arches so I started there. You know I love a unlearn wily and Blake is Dad of the year and created them all for me. If you don’t have a unlearn pump, and are planning to make a unlearn arch, stop what you are doing and BUY THIS NOW. It’s a game changer. Next up was the trash truck decorations. I unquestionably found a shop on Etsy that sold Trash Truck show artwork. Otis LOVES that show and kept calling it, “Funny Trash Truck.” So I asked him if he wanted Funny Trash Truck to come to his birthday and of undertow he said yes. They sold a template for a cut out photobooth sign so I bought that and the artwork to create garland to hang up. I sent these files to a local printer to have them print and make the sign and garland. This saved me alot of time but still gave the party a really fun DIY element. The confection was flipside easy project that I outsourced to my local supermarket! I bought a small trash truck toy on wren and brought it to the grocery store bakery and showed them an inspirational picture of the truck dumping sprinkles onto the cake. I moreover ordered some cupcakes so we could save the confection for our family birthday singing for him at night and cupcakes are just easier than chopping and handing out cake. I set up grab bag snacks: chips, goldfish, and veggie sticks for the kids withal with some juice boxes and sultana beverages. We ordered pizza which is unchangingly a hit with everyone. My friend had some pallets and I knew they would make the perfect kids tables. So I put two together and put a linen natural fibered runners lanugo the middle to pull it together. For entertrainment, I set up our uproarious house and it was a big hit! Flipside special treat for all the kids was souvenir tons provided by Waste Management to each of Otis’ buddies that came to the party. They kindly send withal the tons with a few goodies inside. Basically Otis had a wham (after first having a melt lanugo when everyone went inside his uproarious house!! TODDLER FEELINGS!) and I am so glad we got to gloat with some of his friends surpassing our move. Linking everything I can unelevated if you want to recreate some trash truck and rainbow magic for your littles ones birthday.

MeriMeri: Big plates / small plates / napkins / cups / party hats / Rainbow unlearn arch / balloon bunch / flag garland / wood cutlery / Confetti garland / happy birthday garland

electric unlearn pump / Table runner / Trash truck balloons / trash truck show garland / trash truck show photo booth
Cake: merimeri candles / trash truck toy / flour shop confection stand
bouncy house / waste management souvenir bags

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