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If you're anything like me, there's probably a file of photos from your younger, more naïve years, where you can visibly see the streaks in your foundation even through your Blackberry phone's abysmal camera. I spent a lot of time thinking that blending was for other people, cycling through foundations and powders and orange bronzers, thinking that it was the product's fault that it wasn't looking right. If I could go back in time, I'd tell my younger self, "Newsflash! You're not using the right foundation brush! Also, stop plucking your eyebrows; you're embarrassing us." But anyways.

In the days of foundation sponges, brushes have fallen to the wayside. In my opinion, that's nothing short of a tragedy. I love a good sponge as much as the next person, but if you're looking for precision and coverage, sponges remove a ton of product and can leave you looking a bit splotchy if you're not careful. But I understand the hesitation with brushes. When you use the incorrect brush, you can end up with streaks that you overlook until trying to take a selfie. But nowadays, brush technology has improved so much that you can find one that works perfectly for your products, for a beautiful, flawless finish.

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1 Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques

Wield the power of this brush like you're Picasso and your face is a beautiful canvas. It blends like a dream and you won't end up with weird patches due to it's superior densely packed bristles.

2 190 Foundation Brush

Once a classic, always a classic. This flat brush can apply foundation all over your face for a full-coverage look. If we're still obsessed with it, it must be good.

3 Cant Stop Wont Stop Foundation Brush

NYX Professional Makeup

If you're lazy like me and don't want to spend twenty minutes blending, snag this brush, do a quick swipe, and boom, you're photo ready. 

4 Full Coverage Face Brush


We trust Bobbi with our life, and in return for our loyalty, she rewards us with incredible makeup brushes. I can still remember stealing this out of my mom's makeup bag when I was thirteen. Sorry mom!

5 Core Coverage Brush


For the powder foundation fans amongst us, this brush was designed for you. It picks up product and places it gently upon your face like a makeup artist in brush form. 

6 Foundation Makeup Brush

For pure blending power, this flat-topped brush will make your life easier. Just sweep it across your face and a few moments later you're good to go.

7 Foundation Makeup Brush

This is the perfect tool if you don't want to be bothered trying to navigate the brush aisles at your local beauty supply store. It blends, applies product, and will probably take meetings for you if you let it.

8 Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Brush

For the makeup obsessed, you probably already know that you need this brush. Stop fighting the urge, just buy it and sink into your seamlessly-blendeed, smooth-faced life.

9 Small Stipple Brush

Wet n Wild

For lighter coverage, a stippling brush will make sure you don't accidentally end up caking product on your face. It will blend and deposit color in the gentlest way possible.

10 Flat Top Kabuki Foundation Brush

Blending is my new form of therapy, and this brush gets me calm every time. Those circular blending sessions have the double benefit of chilling me out, and letting me walk out of my house with perfect skin.

11 Beauty Pro Halo Foundation Brush

J.Cat Beauty

If you don't know how much product to use, squeeze a dollop of foundation in the middle of this brush and it'll take care of the rest. It blends color perfectly without ever overdoing it.

12 Flat Makeup Brush for Foundation

A staple in everyone's brush bag, this flat brush from EcoTools is the ideal first foundation brush in anyone's collection. Paint on your foundation like an expert every time.

13 Large Flat Top Kabuki Foundation Brush

This low-cost brush is what you need if your face always ends up looking a little splotchy. It will make blending so easy while still giving you that full-coverage look you're after.

14 Full Flat Brush #1 Full Coverage Foundation Brush

If you're obsessed with Lancome's foundations like you should be, it might be time to commit wholeheartedly and get the matching brush.

15 The Buffer Brush

Not only will this brush melt your foundation into your skin, but it's so fluffy and smooth that you might just enjoy rubbing it around even when you're not wearing base makeup.

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